University Seminar (USEM)

USEM 101  Univ Sem I: Foundation Success  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

This course focuses on academic skills and critical thinking, on knowledge of the institution and the role of higher education, and on personal skills for living, which together are requisite for student success and lifelong learning. Seminar I - Foundations for Success places emphasis on incorporation into university culture, time management, use of campus resources, written and oral presentations, development of critical thinking skills, and strengthening study skills for academic success.

USEM 102  Univ Sem II: Dev Crit Thinking  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

Seminar II - Developing Critical Thinking continues the goals of Seminar I while placing emphasis on the application of critical thinking skills to the academic setting. A reading anthology is used as the basis for regular written, and oral communication and a term research paper. While continuing to apply skills and techniques used in Seminar I, students additionally develop cultural literacy and incorporate greater computer usage, and explore campus organizations, community events and community service.

USEM 103  Univ Sem III: Think About Disc  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

Seminar III - Thinking about the Discipline begins a more focused examination of the applications of critical thinking to the student's discipline. Each school selects a reading anthology suitable for analysis and discussion by its majors in order to examine such as current critical issues, social responsibility, ethics and cultural diversity from the perspective of the student's discipline. Continuing the activities of earlier seminars this course promotes ongoing participation in community events, application of academic success in skills and writing in the discipline.

USEM 104  Univ Sem IV: Prof Seminar  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

Seminar IV - Professional Seminar serves as the fourth and final in the series and focuses on introducing the student to their discipline with special emphasis on interviews with professional, examinations of career options, and overviews of the literature and research of their discipline. This course focuses attention on the skills and knowledge base of the profession, features of the work environment, development of resume and career developing activities. Activities of earlier seminars continue as students apply critical thinking skills to the examination of the current literature of their field, participate in written and oral presentations, and hear presentations from working professionals.

USEM 110  Exploring University Education  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

In this course designed for those interested in being part of the Early College program, the students will explore how academics at a university work and they will develop skills to promote success at the university level.

USEM 111  Prep for Success Univ Level  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

In this course, the second in the Early College seminar sequence, students will prepare for success at the university level by learning to use tools and strategies for academic success, communicating appropriately with faculty and staff, and discussing life balance and a sense of belonging.

USEM 112  Exploring Acad/Career Goals  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

As the third course in the USEM sequence for Early College students, the focus of this course is on continuing to develop academic success skills, preparing for upcoming internship opportunities, and outlining your path to university graduation.