Office Administration (OFFC)

OFFC 112  Keyboard Skillbuilding  1 Credit Hour  

Improvement of keyboarding speed and accuracy (both alphabetic and numeric), using developmental programs and keyboarding drills. Student may take this course to accumulate two to four credits. Once an office administration student reaches 60 wpm skill on aplha/numeric text (error rate - 1 minute) this course becomes an elective. (4,0) 2 7 1/2 weeks

Prerequisite(s): 30 wpm keyboarding skill  
OFFC 119  Computerized Acct Procedures  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

Accounting experiences common to small business or professional offices; development of basic principles underlying accounting procedures; techniques and records used in analyzing, classifying, recording and summarizing transactions; accounting procedures applied to a computer simulation for small businesses. May not be taken for credit following successful completion of ACTG132.