International Business (INTB)

INTB 289  Competing-Global Marketplace  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course presents a systematic overview of international business and provides an introduction to important issues, including international trade policy, the global monetary system, and strategies of international business. Additionally, the course will look at management practices of international business, including: organizational structure of multinational organizations, production and logistics, human resource management, and financial management.

INTB 375  International Business Law  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

The course provides an introduction to the environment of international business and law. It will focus on the foundations and principles of the international legal environment and international legal systems. The course covers the law on international trade. It allows the student to understand government foreign trade policies, the law concerning international business transactions, importing, exporting, transportation and logistics. This course covers a range of legal issues involved in conducting international business, surveying some of the many issues encountered in intellectual property and licensing, and the taxation of international business transactions.

INTB 420  International Comparative Mgmt  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course in international comparative management will examine important trends impacting international business as well as the major and developing players in the international economy. The course will examine the stage on which international management is conducted, which includes political, legal and socio-cultural systems as a backdrop. The course will cover how firms develop and execute their international strategies and how they stay ahead of their competitions, once they do. An important aspect for the success of international companies is HR (Human Resources). The course will explore how firms can build an outstanding international workforce through selecting and motivating employees as well as dealing with a host of related human resource management issues, such as compensation, performance appraisal, training and development and labor relations from an international perspective.

Prerequisite(s): MGMT360, or special permission of instructor  
INTB 486  International Marketing  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

The International Marketing course examines the scope, challenge and dynamic environment of international marketing. This course will provide an understanding of the cultural environment of global markets, global opportunities and the development and implementation of global marketing strategies. Challenging decisions must be made in international marketing objectives-strategies-policies, regional & country market selection, products that fit regions-countries, multiple distribution channels, communications to fit each global region, management models & organizations per region-country, knowledge-information-data management, exploration of cultural issues, competition, economies, and customers.

Prerequisite(s): MRKT281, or permission of instructor