Legal Studies (LAWS)

LAWS 102  Legal Research/Case Analysis  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

Introduction to the law library and its use. Students will develop research techniques and skills using encyclopedias, treatises, digests, case reporters, looseleaf services, annotated reports, legal periodicals, legislation, legislative hisotry, administrative materials, shepardization and citation of legal authorities. Students will also develop skills in analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing court opinions and statutory law.

LAWS 202  Legal Writing and Analysis  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

Introduction to legal writing styles and skills. Through review and preparation of legal documents, students will become acquainted with basic principles, style, organization and structure of certain legal documents which shall include letter writing, preparation of memorandum of law and an appellate brief. Research skills and analysis of court opinions will be further refined.

Prerequisite(s): LAWS102  
LAWS 490  Ind Study: Legal Studies  1-4 Credit Hours  

This may take the form of either a research project or a program of directed reading on a specific topic. One to four credits over a period of one or two semesters may be granted according to the nature of the student's project. May be repeated up to a total of eight credits. (1-4) 1-4