Honors Program (HONR)

HONR 101  Honors First-Year Seminar  1,2 Credit Hours  (1-2,0)  

An intensive reading/discussion seminar of selected topics from any discipline of special interest to first-year honors students. An interdisciplinary focus is encouraged as well as the inclusion of active learning strategies that promote self-directed learning. Class size is limited to 15 to promote student and faculty interaction around the world of ideas. May be repeated for a maximum of four credits.

Prerequisite(s): status as an Honors candidate (freshman) or fully admitted University Honors Program student, and/or permission of the Honors coordinator  
HONR 199  Honors Freshman Seminar  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

This course creates a learning community centered around the life of the mind. Students will explore concepts and content related to the Honors Program's three pillars of Self, Society, and Citizen; the university's Campus Read book; and other topics. This course, furthermore, introduces students to the structure, governance, and supplemental opportunities available to Honors Program students.

HONR 202  Honors Contemporary Issues  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

An interdisciplinary sophomore-level seminar for Universtiy Honors Programs students. The course is designed to accommodate a range of specific topics; the particular topics, however, will investigate some aspect of the history of intellectual ideas, the nature of intellectual inquiry, and /or the construction of knowlege. The instructor serves as a facilitator in the seminar format which is intended to encourage student-directed learning.

Prerequisite(s): formal admission to the University Honors Program and/or permission of the Honors Program coordinator  
HONR 302  Honors Ideas Seminar  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

A junior-level seminar for University Honors Program students. The course is designed to accommodate a range of special topics to be submitted by LSSU faculty under the general provision for Special Topics; the topics may evolve out of an interdisciplinary focus on some aspect of tradidtional disciplinary subject matter, or may be a reconfiguration of a regular course, redesigned to meet the particular needs of Honors Program students. The role of the instructor, however, would be as a facilitator, working within the seminar format to encourage student-directed learning around a topic requiring intellectual rigor. As this is a core requrirement for all junior Honors students, it is expected that a given course proposal would not require prerequisites beyond those for general education.

Prerequisite(s): formal admission to the University Honors Program, junior status, and/or permission of the Honors Program coordinator; HONR201 recommended  
HONR 401  Honors Thesis  1-4 Credit Hours  (1-4,0)  

A major written work based on independent research or creative effort to be carried out under the supervision of a full-time faculty member. Research is intended to be widely interpreted and may include, but is not limited to, experiments, analysis of existing data, and a summary and integration of already completed but dispersed research. Students will make a formal presentation of their findings to the Honors Council, the thesis supervisor, junior/senior Honors students, and others in the spring of their senior year. Students must present a fully developed proposal to the Honors Council for approval before enrolling in HONR401 or its equivalent in their major.

Prerequisite(s): 3.5 GPA, 15 Honors credits, HONR202 and HONR302  
HONR 499  Honors Senior Seminar  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

This is the culminating experience of the Honors Program course experience centered around questions of living a meaningful life, leading others in responsible ways, and mentoring the next cohort of LSSU Honors students.