Recreation Studies (RECS)

RECS 101  Int Recreation/Leisure Service  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

Overview of philosophy, history, theory, programs, professional leadership and organizations, economics and leisure service delivery systems.

RECS 212  Inst Methods Adapted Aquatics  2 Credit Hours  (1,2)  

Based on American Red Cross adapted aquatics guidelines, the course is designed to help students develop skills used when planning, implementing, instructing, and evaluating water activity programs for those with a disability. Current water safety instructors (WSI) may become American Red Cross certified as adapted aquatics instructors. People who do not have a WSI may become American Red Cross certified adapted aquatics aides.

RECS 220  Methods in Arts and Crafts  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

A variety of arts and crafts media are studied and applied to specific recreation settings with concentration on leading and programming.

Prerequisite(s): RECS101 and RECS105  
RECS 262  Outdoor Recreation  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course will introduce the student to a variety of topics and content areas related to outdoor recreation. These topics will include outdoor education, organized camping and adventure education. Also included will be an opportunity to become familiar with outdoor living skills.

Prerequisite(s): RECS105  
RECS 280  Readiness Games/Act/Sports  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course will focus on the selection and implementation of games, activities and sports which are age-appropriate for the clientele being served. Psychological, sociological, emotional and physiological readiness will be studied as it relates to implementation, modification and presentation of games, activities, and sports to various age groups. Both positive and negative outcomes will be identified.

RECS 295  Practicum  1,2 Credit Hours  (1-2,0)  

Practical experiences designed to provide the student with various types of recreation programs. The student will work under a site supervisor specialized in that particular area of the student's interest. One credit hour for every 45 hours of practical experience. May be repeated for up to four credits.

Prerequisite(s): Instructor permission  
RECS 360  Facilitation & Interpretation  3 Credit Hours  (2,2)  

This course is designed to serve recreation students who are interested in facilitating outdoor or adventure based programs, and/or become interpreters in an outdoor or parks environment. The course will expose the student to a wide variety of facilitation/interpretation methodologies. The student will be involved in both learning and practicing these techniques. Examples of these techniques would include such things as utilization of the metaphor, and Haiku. This class will also travel to different outdoor facilities, such as outdoor education centers and state historical sites. This will enable the students to facilitate experiences in an environment unavailable at LSSU (example, a high ropes course) and to interface with individuals who provide facilitation and interpretation as a part of their professional responsibilities.

Prerequisite(s): RECS105, RECS262  
RECS 362  Land Mgmt Recreation Purposes  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course is designed to meet the needs of the student pursuing a parks and recreation degree. Provides insight and understanding for problems inherent to managing recreation lands for optimum use and minimum impact. Also, for recreation majors in outdoor recreation option.

Prerequisite(s): RECS101 and RECS262 or NSCI103 and EVRN131  
RECS 365  Expedition Management  3 Credit Hours  (2,2)  

Intensive study of performance, programming, leadership and management skills involved in conducting wilderness and back country recreation programming. The student will become aware of various theoretical support structures and paradigms associated with adventure education and the values associated with the use of outdoor programming as a therapeutic intervention modality. Course content includes: Initiating and programming wilderness/back country experiences, group dynamics and outdoor living skills. A ten-day outing is required immediately upon completion of the semester.

Prerequisite(s): RECS262  
RECS 367  National Park/Monument/Culture  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course will focus on the historical development of national parks and the affiliated National Land Ethic. Included in the presentation will be a study of the social, cultural, aesthetic and economic history which fostered the development of a national attitude that favored the 'national park' concept. The course will also emphasize the emergence of national parks in this country as a representative of our national cultural history. The course will trace the historical development of a land ethic. It will also trace an emergence aesthetic awareness of land among people who arrived to this continent from Central Europe during the 1600s. This Central European land ethic will be compared to the land ethic of Native Americans. Both of these will be traced through this country's history and will serve as a basis for anticipating future land management trends and issues.

RECS 390  Rec Leader Apprenticeship  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

Practical experience in learning to teach and lead various recreation experiences. Students serve with qualified instructors. May be repeated for a total of three credits.

Prerequisite(s): Basic skills and knowledge of activity and instructor permission  
RECS 397  Rec Studies Jr Research Sem  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

Introduces the concepts, purpose, methods and function of scholarly research and scientific inquiry.

Prerequisite(s): junior standing, and majoring in recreation management or parks and recreation  
RECS 435  Research Rec/Leisure Sciences  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course will serve as a culminating educational component for the student majoring in therapeutic recreation and recreational management. The course will focus in part on current problems and issues in therapeutic recreation and will also have a major emphasis on developing an original research project.

Prerequisite(s): RECS397 and MATH207, or PSYC210 or comparable statistics course  
RECS 437  Rec Studies Sr Res Seminar  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

The focus of this course is to provide instruction and experience relative to data analysis and presentation methodologies affiliated with conducting research. The student will apply the procedures and methodologies discussed in class directly to their research projects.

Prerequisite(s): RECS435  
RECS 450  Philosophy Hum Perform/Leisure  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

A study of the origins and development of leisure behavior, sport, athletics and personal fitness across cultures. Ethical issues such as violence, opportunity, exploitation, role models and equity will be examined. Also listed as EXER450.

Prerequisite(s): EXER262 or RECS101 and junior status  
RECS 481  Professional Development Sem  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

Opportunities for students to refine personal and professional goals and initiate preparation of resumes and interviewing skills. Career planning and placement will be emphasized as well as internship evaluation. Seminar format.

Prerequisite(s): Senior status required  
RECS 492  Internship  2-6 Credit Hours  

This is a comprehensive practical application of the student's formal academic preparation. 2-6

Prerequisite(s): Completion of 20 of the 25 hours of departmental core requirements and junior or senior standing and instructor permission  
RECS 496  Selected Research Topics  1-3 Credit Hours  (1-3,0)  

Student carries out approved project(s) of his/her own initiative.

Prerequisite(s): junior standing and instructor permission