History (HIST)

HIST 101  History World Civilization I  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

A study of world civilization from earliest time through the baroque.

HIST 102  History World Civilization II  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

A study of world civilization from the baroque to the present.

HIST 131  United States History I  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

A study of the United States history from the colonial settlement to the end of the American Civil War in 1865.

HIST 132  United States History II  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

A study of United States history from the end of the Civil War to the present.

HIST 203  Chinese Cultural Diversity  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

Designed for students interested in the diversity of Chinese culture and study abroad. Taught in English and offered at a partner university in China during the first summer session. This four-week course explores, but is not limited to, the traditional social values, classes, divergences, ethnicity, religion, and gender issues characteristic of Chinese culture. The course is conducted in a lecture format with class discussions and guided field trips.

HIST 231  Natives and Newcomers  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course is an introduction to the encounters between Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans in North America from the late fifteenth century to the mid-eighteenth century. Students will gain a working knowledge on how these encounters generated a variety of cultural, economic, religious, political, social, and military interactions.

Prerequisite(s): None  
HIST 250  The Atlantic World  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

From the late 15th through the 18th centuries, the continents bordering the Atlantic Ocean were thrust into interaction. Europeans, Africans, and indigenous peoples negotiated diverse new societies through both confrontation and cooperation. This course explores interconnections through histories of Europe, Africa, North America, and the Caribbean, demonstrating the associations between peoples and nations within a global context. Spring odd-numbered years.

Prerequisite(s): HIST101 or HIST131  
HIST 296  Historical Methods  2 Credit Hours  (2,0)  

Survey emphasizing research aids and techniques and historical analysis. Readings, discussions and written exercises introduce students to problems, methods and techniques of historical research. Discussion of and practice in main techniques of historical method, including bibliography and documentation. Fall.

Prerequisite(s): HIST101/HIST102 sequence or HIST131/HIST132 sequence  
HIST 301  History of England 1000-1714  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

These 700 years witness the formation and maturing of most of the important political and social institutions that have come to be the Anglo-Saxon civilization and tradition. This period is critical to understanding present-day American culture and civilization.

HIST 302  England in the Modern World  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

A history of England from 1715 to the present, emphasizing the struggle for parliamentary government, the Anglo-French conflict for commercial and colonial empire, the Industrial Revolution, the evolution of democracy and the recession of the British Empire.

HIST 310  Russia Underdev St/Super Power  4 Credit Hours  

A study of Russian history from Peter the Great to the present. (4, 0) 4

HIST 315  Europe Napoleon World War I  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

A study in the political and economic history of Europe in the period 1789-1914.

HIST 316  Europe in the 20th Century  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

A study of Europe in the age of Nazism, Communism, World War I and II, and the Common Market.

HIST 321  History of Michigan  2 Credit Hours  (2,0)  

The History of Michigan is a survey course that will include an examination of the geology, geography, and history of the state. This course will also study the role of citizens, events, issues, and their impact on the development of Michigan as well as the larger developments in the United States during the Jacksonian Period, the Civil War Period, the Period of Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization, the Period of 1914 to 1945, the Period 1950 to the Present, the Period of Industrial Expansion and Decline, and the Post-Vietnam War Period of Globalization. The major political, economic, social, and cultural movements and developments of these historic periods will be examined.

HIST 333  American Military History  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

This is a survey of military history that will study the inter-relationships of warfare and society in American history. It will not only investigate how political and societal changes have influenced the nature of warfare in American history, but how the composition of the military establishment and its transformations has impacted state and society.

HIST 361  Latin America  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

A study and analysis of Latin American history from the end of the Colonial Period to the present. This course will examine the basic political, social and religious institutions of Latin America and their evolution and the role in the change of problems of U.S.-Latin American relations will be an important focus of this study.

Prerequisite(s): GEOG322 geography of South America  
HIST 371  Far East Civil 1850-Present  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

A study of the history of China, Japan, India and adjoining areas of Asia from 1850 to present.

HIST 440  American Revolutionary Era  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course examines the diversity of Colonial America in the mid 18th century. It traces the challenges faced by the British colonies in the French and Indian War, the emergence of political unity and national identity among Americans, and the achievement of American independence by 1783.

Prerequisite(s): HIST101 and HIST102 sequence or HIST131 and HIST132 sequence; HIST296; or instructor permission  
HIST 441  Hist Am Foreign Pol 1776-1950  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course examines US Foreign Policy from 1776 to 1950, with some consideration to the 1607-1776 era. The course investigates US conduct in war and diplomacy, issues of cultural contact, impact of domestic politics on foreign policymaking, the organization political economy, and problems of American Imperialism.

Pre or Corequisite(s): HIST131, HIST132 sequence or POLI110  
HIST 490  Individual Historical Research  1-4 Credit Hours  (0,1-4)  

Independent study under supervision of history faculty. May be repeated up to a total of six credits.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor  
HIST 497  Senior Seminar in History  2 Credit Hours  

Students will complete a historical research project under the supervision of a faculty member; at end of term participants make oral presentation at seminar for other students and invited guests, and submit the final paper. (0-6) 2

Prerequisite(s): HIST496 and instructor permission