Japanese Studies (JAPN)

JAPN 105  Intensive Int Japanese Lang I  10 Credit Hours  (10,2)  

This course is designed as an intensive introductory study of Japanese. The class meets five hours per week and the laboratory/recitation/practice sessions meet five hours each week. The 'New Jordan method' of Japanese language studies for English speakers is used in both class and lab sessions.

JAPN 106  Intensive Int Japanese Lang II  10 Credit Hours  (10,2)  

This course is designed as a continuation of JAPN105. It will stress uses of written Japanese and a research project in which communication with Japanese in the community will be vital. The 'New Jordan method' will be the basis of the instruction.

JAPN 201  Culture/Society of Japan I  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This is a very broad overview course which examines the social and political development of Japan from prehistoric times to 1300 A.D. It combines written text materials with field work. An emphasis will be placed on the social organization of Japan and its relationship with traditional religious values, economic structures, socialization of children and political institutions.

JAPN 202  Culture/Society in Japan II  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This is an overview of Japanese history which examines the political and social developments of Japan from 1300 A.D. to the present. Special emphasis will be placed on the Shogunate Tradition, the Meiji Restoration and 20th century political, economic and social developments.

JAPN 301  Japanese Art and Culture I  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

This course is a broad overview of the development of the painting, sculpturing, architecture and literary traditions of Japan from earliest times to 1300 A.D. Special emphasis will be placed on the historic collections available in Nara and Kyoto. Biweekly field trips to examine and study local sites will be a regular portion of the instruction.

JAPN 302  Japanese Art and Culture II  4 Credit Hours  (4,0)  

This course is designed as a study of the development of Japanese art, architecture and literature from the Ashikaga Shogunate to the present. Special atttention will be given to the influences from Western civilization and its impact on Japanese culture.