Practical Nursing (PNUR)

PNUR 102  Drugs and Dosages  3 Credit Hours  (2,3)  

This course introduces the practical nursing student to dosage calculations and medication administration. Calculations for conversion between systems of measurement are covered. The seven rights of medication administration are emphasized. Categories of drugs, their actions, side effects and nursing implications are covered.

Prerequisite(s): MATH087 or equivalent placement score  
PNUR 104  Intro to Practical Nursing  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

Introduction to Practical Nursing provides a theoretical foundation for practicing nursing care of adults within a variety of health care settings. Concepts such as practical nursing philosophy and conceptual framework, history of nursing, nursing's Code of Ethics, the role of nursing in the health care system with emphasis on the practical nurse, the nursing process, therapeutic communication, culture, and critical thinking are explored.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of Chair of Nursing or Instructor only  
PNUR 107  Understand Clin Nutrition Lab  1 Credit Hour  (0,3)  

This lab course is focused on the knowledge and skill practical nurses need to support the nutritional needs of people across the lifespan with a special emphasis on individuals with limited ability to meet their own nutritional needs. Strategies of providing nutrition associated with self care deficits are covered, including effective oral feeding techniques, use of thickeners or texture to enhance swallowing, tube feedings and the principles of enteric feeding, elemental diets, IV therapy and hyper alimentation are presented.

Prerequisite(s): BIOL105 or BIOL122 with a grade of C or better; HLTH208 with a grade of C or better or corequisite of HLTH208  
PNUR 113  Fundamentals Practical Nursing  7 Credit Hours  (4,9)  

Students will learn the basic skills necessary to provide safe, competent care of the acute and chronically ill residents in Long Term Care/Nursing Home settings. Focus will be on the care of the elderly. Through lecture, lab simulations, and actual clinical experiences the student will learn basic nursing skills; infection control; safety/emergency procedures; nursing interventions and apply communication/interpersonal skills to promote resident's independence; to respect residents' rights; and to recognize abnormal changes in the resident.

Prerequisite(s): BIOL122 with a grade of C or better, or corequisite of BIOL105  
PNUR 201  Medical Surgical Pract Nursing  10 Credit Hours  (6,12)  

This course focuses on nursing care of the adult client experiencing common stressors affecting health. Emphasis is placed on the administration of medications, collection and communication of relevant data, and implementation of basic nursing interventions.

Prerequisite(s): PNUR102, PNUR104, PNUR113, all with a grade of C or better  
Corequisite(s): HLTH208, PNUR107  
PNUR 202  Legal/Eth Issues Pract Nursing  2 Credit Hours  (2,0)  

This course focuses on the ethical and legal responsibilities and issues related to the safe practice of practical nursing. The role of the practical nurse and within the health care community is emphasized. Licensure responsibilities, career advancement and lifelong learning needs are incorporated.

Prerequisite(s): PNUR201  
PNUR 205  Maternal/Child Pract Nursing  5 Credit Hours  (3,6)  

This course explores the family as the client beginning with the reproductive cycle, conception, fetal development, labor, birth and the care of the postpartum woman and newborn. At risk pregnancies and complications are identified. The course continues to address normal growth and development, immunizations, health risk factors, well-defined health problems common to children and their response to illness.

Prerequisite(s): PNUR107, PNUR201, HLTH208, all with a grade of C or better  
PNUR 206  Ambulatory Care Pract Nursing  5 Credit Hours  (3,6)  

The efficiency of a health care agency, and the quality of health care provided, depends in large part on the staff members who supplement and support the role of the provider for provision of quality patient care services. This course stresses strong interprofessional communication skills, organizational abilities, computer knowledge, and excellent human relationship skills in the ambulatory setting across the lifespan.

Prerequisite(s): PNUR107, PNUR201, HLTH208, all with a C or better