Cannabis Business (CBUS)

CBUS 122  Survey of Cannabis Business  2 Credit Hours  (2,0)  

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the history of cannabis from 2900 BC to modern day. Covering the use of cannabis and hemp and their historical agricultural and cultural importance, the prohibition of cannabis and subsequent cannabis law reform, and the inconsistencies in cannabis policy. The course will develop an understanding of Cannabis Industry, including an introduction to the types of businesses and products related to cannabis and hemp.

CBUS 203  Cannabis Economics  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

The principles of economic reasoning as it applies to the Cannabis industry. Supply and demand, production and cost and the effect of price controls and public policy implications as it relates to the cannabis industry today.

Prerequisite(s): Two years of high school algebra and equivalent/satisfactory score on ACT, SAT or Placement Exam or MATH102 with a grade of C or better  
CBUS 305  Bus Cannabis Cultivation/Disp  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

An introduction into the business side of various cultivation, harvesting and distribution methods. Costs, yield and labor requirements as well as benchmarking for the various methods will teach students how to increase the viability of a cannabis operation.

Prerequisite(s): CBUS122  
CBUS 360  Intro to Cannabis Law & Policy  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

This course is designed to teach students how state and federal laws are reformed in the United States. The course investigates the recent reform in State laws related to cannabis, how it was passed, and the effectiveness of the legislation. This course will examine the burgeoning field of law surrounding the use, management, sale and production of cannabis.

CBUS 361  Cannabis Law/Policy/Compliance  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth exploration of cannabis laws and policies. Students will analyze legal cases from multiple jurisdictions to learn how courts are interpreting and applying laws related to operating cannabis businesses in the United States. The course will cover issues such as trademarks, product liability, advertising, general compliance, and more. The class prepares students to engage in a highly regulated market and ever-changing legal landscape.

CBUS 389  Cannabis Entrepreneurship  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

A study of individual small firms: start-up, on-going management, challenges, and requirements for success. Students will apply both strategic planning and the knowledge acquired from other business courses to (a) demonstrate understanding and competence in using S.A.P. in small business decision-making and operations, (b) develop a viable business plan for a new small cannabis business, and (c) utilize problem-solving for other local small businesses, where required, in an advisory capacity. This course is dual-listed with BUSN389.

Prerequisite(s): ACTG132 or ACTG230, BUSN121 and MRKT281  
CBUS 466  Cannabis Business Policy  3 Credit Hours  (3,0)  

This course provides an opportunity for the student to develop an understanding of the interrelationship of the various divisions, departments and functions of a business organization from a top management perspective. Library research and case analysis are utilized. A business plan for a cannabis enterprise will be developed as a capstone experience. This course is dual-listed with BUSN466.

Prerequisite(s): Senior Status and FINC341