Cannabis Chemistry (CCHM)

CCHM 120  Cannabis Chemistry I  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

A course designed to introduce scientific literature regarding cannabis and explore the basic principles of cannabis chemistry.

CCHM 240  Cannabis Plant Prep Chem Anlys  2 Credit Hours  (1,3)  

A course in cannabis plant preparation for analytical chemical analysis, covering plant dehydration, digestion, and extraction of the pertinent organic and inorganic chemical analytes for analysis on modern chemical instrumentation.

Prerequisite(s): CCHM120 and either CHEM108/CHEM109 or CHEM115  
CCHM 245  Cannabis Chemistry II  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

A course providing an applied understanding of cannabis chemistry through discussion of current scientific literature and modern methods of chemical analysis.

Prerequisite(s): CCHM120  
CCHM 250  Cannabis Production  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

An introduction to commercial growing of cannabis. Topics include commercial cannabis growth including genetics and hybridization and the operational components of a cannabis grow.

Prerequisite(s): CCHM240  
CCHM 350  Cannabis Chemistry III  1 Credit Hour  (1,0)  

An advanced course in cannabis chemistry in which students will utilize their understanding of chemical principles to comprehend, discuss, and present advances in cannabis chemistry identified in current scientific literature.

Prerequisite(s): CCHM245 and CHEM225  
CCHM 420  Cannabis Extract/Purifications  2 Credit Hours  (0,4)  

An advanced laboratory course in cannabis plant extraction with a focus on lab equipment operation, safety, method optimization, product purification, and remediation. Cannabis industry-relevant extraction and purification equipment and techniques will be utilized in the course.

Prerequisite(s): CCHM240 and CHEM326  
CCHM 440  Cannabis Separations Chemistry  4 Credit Hours  (3,3)  

An analytical chemistry course in cannabis separations chemistry, this course will cover various types of chromatography, including GCMS, LC, and LCMS and their application to cannabis analysis. The course will also cover the operation and maintenance of the modern chemical chromatography instrumentation. Prerequistes: CHEM332 and CCHM245.